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Founder,Owner & CEO of Model Star Africa
Executive Producer and Director

Started as the CEO & Founder of the MzCongo Foundation INC. An organization that fights against child prostitution in the DRCongo and helps women with ovarian cancer. As president and founder of MzCongo Foundation, Laetitia Kibonge has created Model Star Africa to help heal the broken hearts of Africa through the Art of Fashion. Her charity fights against child prostitution in Africa and provides a home for homeless children. With a heart to help the African communities Laetitia hopes that Model Star Africa will help make better communities in Africa.

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Vise President Executive Producer and Director

Mrs SW Waterfront DC Erika is using her platform by working with WEmodel USA to spread awareness about human trafficking and educating people. Through a fashion competition that WEmodel USA has once a year that brings awareness to the issue and gives aspiring models a chance to win a trip to Italy and Paris. Through Model star Africa, I hope to aid in achieving and overcoming the many milestones faced by the underprivileged African people. I hope to be a voice of change and a glimpse of hope for the future of many whom have no sight of a positive tomorrow.

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Managing Partner of The Virtual Experience

Sirpatrick Iwu was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1987, Nigerian decent, and a proud father of two. All though he came from a home plagued with drug addiction and discovering in college he was on a 3rd grade reading level. While overcoming these obstacles, Sirpatrick earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master in Higher Education. He is the Managing Partner of The Virtual Experience LLC, Model Star Africa, Prints Charming Photo Booths, and K&J Event Planning just to name a few. Sirpatrick believes that pass situations should not be seen as a burden or curse. Instead as character building experiences that can be the catalyst to unlocking your true purpose.

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